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UCSB Comm Alumni Virtual Career Series

We are excited to announce the UCSB Communication Alumni Council Virtual Career Series via Zoom, featuring UCSB Communication Alumni. Sessions continue the 2nd Wednesday of most months during the academic year.

Since we have been unable to host our in-person alumni networking events, we wanted to create a way for students to connect with alumni and learn about the many job opportunities available for comm majors. Our alumni work in a variety of industries -- from media and PR to legal, real estate, entertainment, hospitality, sports, and more. We have programmed these sessions to be informal and interactive. The speaker will spend about 10-15 minutes sharing their career journey and discuss job opportunities in their industry. We will then open it up to a Q&A where you can ask your questions about career, networking, job opportunities, etc. Also, we welcome feedback on future sessions you'd like to see as part of this series so bring your questions and ideas to the session!

Thanks and see you at the upcoming Virtual Career Sessions! Click on the links below to view videos of past sessions.



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Our 6th session is on Wednesday, March 10th from 6:00-6:45pm PT and features a discussion on Careers in Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Product with Alexei Pizarev.

Alexei is currently the Director of Operations and Product Strategy at Publicis Media. During his career in digital advertising, he held a senior M&A role during an integration between two media companies, built multiple successful operations teams, managed an office in Europe, and currently oversees team operations as well as new product development and partnerships at Publicis Media's business unit, APEX. At UCSB, Alexei was the Philanthropy Chairman for Sigma Pi, involved in the establishment of the Sean Vernon Feliciano Amazing Day Foundation as Sigma Pi’s national philanthropy, a Research Assistant for Prof. Walid Afifi, and a member of the Communication Association. He graduated with a B.A in Communication and a Minor in Russian Language.

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Past Virtual Career Series

Justine Miller, Journalism and Reporting, Oct 14, 2020

Karen Thorland and Jake Edson, Careers in Law, Nov 11, 2020

Justin Hannah, Careers in Advertising, Dec 6, 2020

Jamie Morgan, Careers in Human Resources/Recruiting, January 13, 2021

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John Bollen and Alex Platt, Careers in Tech, February 10, 2021

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