Welcome Prospective Students!

We are accepting applications for our Ph.D. program (for students with or without an MA) with the deadline of December 15, 2023.

Interested in our program? Join us for a virtual Open House on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 1pm (Pacific Time)! Faculty and current graduate students will give a brief presentation and answer questions. Contact Jacova at jacovasnyder@ucsb.edu for the Zoom link. 

Why choose UCSB?

Our world-class graduate training will prepare you to conduct socially relevant, theoretically motivated, and methodologically rigorous communication research. Students choose our program in order to work with our distinguished faculty and to be trained in cutting-edge theory and methods. Our strong commitment to mentorship and individualized advising, means we aim to have every student feel supported and productive.

What can I study?

Researchers in the department use a range of cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative approaches to advance the study of communication across contexts. Graduate students are trained in one or more core areas: Interpersonal & Intergroup Communication, Media & Digital Communication, and Organizational & Group Communication. Read more about our research…

What does the MA/PhD program entail?

Our Ph.D. program is structured to be completed in approximately five years by students entering with no previous graduate work. Students enter our program with or without an MA degree. The Master of Arts (MA) degree is earned in the process, typically after two years in the program. Students with an MA from another university should be able to complete the Ph.D. degree in approximately four years. Read more about our graduate program of study…

What can I do with my degree?

Students who earn a Ph.D. in our program pursue teaching and research careers in academic settings, and a range of careers in the private and public sectors. Our graduates have obtained faculty positions at such distinguished institutions as Cornell University; University of Wisconsin, Madison; The Ohio State University; University of Arizona; Indiana University; University of Texas, Austin; San Diego State University; Samford University; University of San Diego; and University of Southern California. Read more about our amazing alumni…

Have Questions?

Contact us to find out more about our graduate program!

Student Affairs Manager Jacova Morris
(also available for Zoom appointments)

Graduate Director Dr. Jennifer Gibbs
(also available for Zoom appointments)