Current Courses

This page provides information on the courses offered during the current academic year. Some courses (160-, 175-, and 594-series) are on special topics, and change from quarter to quarter. For a listing of all Communication courses see the UCSB Public Curriculum Search.

Undergraduate Courses

2023-2024 Annual Listing of Undergraduate Courses (PDF)

Special Topics Communication Courses

160AA-ZZ. Special Topics in Communication Investigation of current theory and research in a selected area of communication. Variable topics in media, interpersonal or organizational communication, depending on the instructor.

175AA-ZZ. Senior Capstone in Communication A project-based course in a specific topic area of communication designed to give students a chance to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the major and the opportunity to work intensively in groups on a real-world project.

Special Topics courses and course descriptions for the academic year can be found in GOLD.

Graduate Courses

2023-2024 Annual Listing of Graduate Courses (PDF)

Graduate Special Topics Courses (594)

A course labeled “Special Topics in Communication” (Comm 594) is usually a one-time offering of a new or special topics class that has been created by a faculty member. The content of each specific Comm 594 course generally does not appear in the UCSB Course Catalog or in GOLD's listing; please check the quarterly listing of classes for details of what is offered each quarter.

To sign up for a 594 in GOLD, select "COMM 594 - SPECIAL TOPICS", indicate the number of units (generally 4), and then select the instructor (indicated in the course description on this site) from the drop down menu.