Current Graduate Students

In our MA/PhD program, you will find the most distinguished faculty in the field working closely with the best and brightest graduate students. We provide research, teaching, and service in communication science that is socially relevant, theoretically motivated, and methodologically rigorous and eclectic. We highly value our prospective graduate students, current graduate students, and alumni. In the Department of Communication at UC Santa Barbara, we do the best we can to help our graduate students achieve their goals, while they are pursuing PhDs and even after they have graduated from our program. 

Faculty are encouraged to use the suggestions in the Fostering Positive Faculty Member-Mentee Relationships document to develop strong working relationships with their graduate students. However, students are encouraged to talk with faculty to learn about their own individual style and practices.

If you have questions, we encourage you to read the facts page and the Graduate Handbook. You may also contact the Staff Graduate Program Advisor and/or Dr. Jennifer Gibbs (, the faculty Graduate Program Director. 

For Grad Newsletters describing the Professional Development Series, various funding support, staff, new graduate students, and important dates, click below (downloadable .pdf):

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