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Yeweon Kim

  • Continuing Adjunct Lecturer

Social Psychology (small groups), Crime, Law, Power, Social Networks, Video Games


  • SSMS 4409 or ZOOM
  • Department Chair and Professor
  • Interpersonal Health Communication

Interpersonal Communication, Family Communication, Stress and Communication; Biosocial Markers of Stress, Resilience and Thriving; Information Regulation

  • Professor
  • Interpersonal Health Communication
  • Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Interpersonal Communication, Uncertainty and Information Management, Nonverbal Communication, Relational Communication, Communities Experiencing Trauma

  • 805-893-4520
  • SSMS 4129
A photo of Norah Dunbar
  • Professor
  • Interpersonal Communication

Deceptive Communication, Credibility Assessment, Deception Detection, Power and Dominance In Interpersonal Interaction, Computer-Mediated Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Observational and Experimental Research Methods

  • 805-893-4860
  • SSMS 4423
  • Professor
  • Communication & Information Technologies

Communication and Information Technologies; Social Influence Online; Social Media; Information Sharing and Evaluation; Collective Action

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  • 805-893-7892
  • SSMS 4311
  • Professor and Graduate Director
  • Organizational Communication & Technologies

Organizational Communication, Global and Distributed Teams, New Media Affordances, Social Media and Knowledge Sharing, Social Support in Online Communities, New Media and Distraction, Intercultural Communication

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  • 805-893-5430
  • SSMS 4139
Howie Giles
  • Distinguished Research Professor
  • Intergroup Communication

Intergenerational Communication, Aging and Communication Cross-Culturally, Successful Aging, Police-Civilian Interactions, Community-Oriented Policing, Intergroup Communication, Communication Accommodation, Ethnolinguistics, Language Attitudes

  • (805) 967-9626
  • SSMS 4123
  • Associate Professor
  • Communication & Information Technologies

Digital inequality, Digital & social media, Identity, Mobile communication, Policy, Social justice, Social support

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Kristy Hamilton
  • Assistant Professor
  • Digital Media

human memory and cognition in digital environments

  • Adjunct Professor
  • Media

Ethics of Media, Media Economics, Media Awards such as The Emmy in Television, Economic Theories to Support Further Funding of Public Television in the United States

  • 4413 Social Sciences & Media Studies Building
  • Department Vice-Chair and Professor
  • Interpersonal-Health-Culture Communication

Stress, Coping, and Resilience of Immigrant Youth; Culturally-Grounded Health Communication

  • Assistant Professor
  • Group & Organizational Communication

group collaboration; collective intelligence; the social and organizational implications of technologies, with particular emphasis on online credibility, computer-supported cooperative work, and crowdsourcing

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  • 805-893-4196
  • 4131 SS & MS
  • Assistant Professor
  • Political Communication & Intergroup Communication

Political Communication, Intergroup Communication, Media Psychology, Computer-Mediated Communication, Media Effects

  • Professor
  • Media Effects-Race & Law

Communication and Law, Race, Media Effects, Social Psychology

  • 805-893-5046
  • SSMS 4009
  • Professor & Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel
  • Media Psychology & Intergroup Comm

Media Psychology; Media Effects on Stereotyping, Identity, & Race/Ethnicity; Intergroup Communication; Content Analysis

  • (805) 893-5346
  • SSMS 4413
  • mastro [at]
  • Associate Professor
  • Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication, Relational Maintenance, and Conflict Management

  • Professor
  • Communication & Information Technologies

Social Uses and Effects of Communication Technology; Privacy; Credibility of Digital Information; Survey and Experimental Research Methods

  • 805-893-8237
  • SSMS 4133
  • Senior Continuing Lecturer

Introduction to communication, quantitative research methods, media and law

  • 805-893-2750
  • SSMS 4117
  • Professor
  • Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication, Organizational Socialization/Assimilation, Vocational Anticipatory Socialization, Organizational Identification, Intergenerational Communication in the Workplace, Organizational Knowledge, Workplace Relationships, Workplace Emotions, Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

  • 805-893-3278
  • SSMS 4141
  • Professor
  • Media Effects & Health Communication

 Emotion, Well-Being, Mass Media Effects, Persuasion, Health Communication

  • 805-893-4531
  • SSMS 4137
  • Professor
  • Media

Media Processes, Media Effects and Literacy, Media Theory and Methods

  • 805-893-5355
  • SSMS 4135
  • Distinguished Research Professor Emerita

Organizational Communication, Paradoxes and Contradictions in Organizations, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Discourse and Organizations

  • Professor
  • Social & Evolutionary Psychology

Social and Evolutionary Psychology of Communication Within and Between Groups

  • 805-893-7847
  • SSMS 4411
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Organizational & Environmental & New Media
  • Arthur N. Rupe Endowed Professor in the Social Effects of Mass Communication

Communication Networks, Diffusion of Innovations, Environmental Communication, Organizational Communication, Public Communication Campaigns, Social uses and effects of New Media

  • 1-805-893-8696
  • SSMS 4127
Muniba Saleem
  • Associate Professor
  • Media Psychology
  • Intergroup Communication
  • Diversity

Media influences on interpersonal and intergroup relations between racial, ethnic, and religious groups. Media effects on social identities. Media effects on immigration integration and acculturation.

  • Distinguished Professor
  • Organizational Communication

Group Communication, Organizational Communication, Globalization and International Organizations, Networks, Collective Action

  • 805-893-7918
  • SSMS 4121
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Organizational & Political Communication

Globalization,  Organizations, and Political Communication with Special Reference to Terrorism and Human Rights

  • 805-893-7935
  • SSMS 4125
  • Lecturer

relational communication, close attachment relationships and well-being

  • Bertelsen Presidential Chair in Technology and Society
  • Director of the Center for Information Technology & Society

Computer-mediated communication, social media, interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, educational relations

  • 805-351-2487
  • 1310 SSMS Building
  • Professor
  • Media Neuroscience & Computational Communication Science

Media Neuroscience, Dynamical Neuroscience, Media-Multitasking and Attention Disorders, Moral Judgment and Conflict in Narratives, Media Violence and Aggression, Persuasion Neuroscience, Cognitive Control and Flow Experiences, Research Methods and Statistics, Computational Communication Science

  • 805-893-2156
  • SSMS 4405
  • SSMS 4323 (Media Neuroscience Lab)
  • SSMS 4443 (Media Neuroscience Lab)