Research Support & Facilities

To download a Power Point slideshow with photos of all the research facilities in the Department of Communication, click here.

Overview of Research Facilities

The Department of Communication is well equipped to conduct state of the art social scientific research. The Department of Communication operates two separate labs. They are shared resources and are booked for individual research projects by different research teams through a centralized booking system. All lab furniture is portable and can be easily re-arranged. The computers are updated regularly and serviced by the University. Both labs are conveniently located, either in the same building as the Department or an adjacent building. The Department of Communication also has a shared pool of ~1500 undergraduate research subjects who volunteer through their classes and are tracked by SONA.

The following is just a brief overview of the various capabilities available to researchers:

Research Laboratory A: Social Science & Media Studies Building (4th Floor)

The department's Lab-A on our fourth floor further expands the researcher’s toolbox. This laboratory houses eleven high-performance computers capable of presenting computationally demanding stimuli (e.g., modern video games, high definition video, high definition audio, secondary task reaction time). Additionally, the lab features interaction analysis facilities with one-way mirrors, video and soundboard equipment (including two ceiling-mounted video cameras with dual recording capabilities) and rooms that simulate a natural living environment. Researchers can edit video stimuli and data using a modern video editing station and the lab features several computers suitable for basic survey research and coding. 

A) Seven Individual "Cubby" Rooms

  • We have 7 individual “cubby” rooms for private individual surveys or one-on-one conversations 
  • Each is equipped with a desktop computer, connected to the internet, and a desk and chair.
  • They are private rooms with a door.

B) Two Interaction Rooms

  • Both interaction labs have one-way mirrors that are viewed from this “technology room”.
  • Both rooms are equipped with ceiling cameras and non-directional microphones.  We also have tripod-mounted cameras for portability and additional camera angles.

C) Survey Room 

  • Videos are captured on these desktop computers.
  • This lab is equipped with four additional computers for groups or separated with partitions for individual surveys.
  • The furniture is portable and can be easily re-arranged.

Research Laboratory B: Humanities & Social Sciences Building (1st Floor)

Thanks to the support of former Executive Dean Melvin Oliver and the Interim Academic Vice Chancellor Joel Michaelson, the Department of Communication now has a second research lab (B).  Housed in a completely renovated suite 1201 in HSSB, this includes check-in/administration room, one room with up to 15 computers, another room with up to 15 computers and moveable tables, and a fourth room for high-quality videotaping and viewing. Additional resources include high-quality headphones, padded separators between computer tables, sound-proof walls, and a ceiling projector. A mobile research lab is also possible using 20 tablet computers.

  • Research subjects are greeted at a welcome desk and sent to their appropriate rooms.
  • We have a large monitor on a rolling cart (not pictured) for showing media to subjects.
  • Large lockers store equipment and laptops.  We have 12 laptops, additional cameras, headphones, and rolling cases to set up a mobile lab.

A) Dyadic Interaction Room

  • It is set up with professional studio lighting and portable cameras on tripods.
  • The lab is equipped with one desktop computer and portable furniture.

B) Two Survey Rooms

  • Room 1 has 9 computers with partitions.
  • Room 2 has 10 computers with partitions.

Other Department Facilities

  • Collaborative Lab (41 theater seats, total of 72 when moveable chairs used; smart lectern; flatscreen and projector; Internet connection)
  • Conference room (up to 25 people; flatscreen and projector; Internet & Skype accessible)
  • Graduate Computing Lab (PCs and MAC, statistical analysis, document preparation, printers and copier, table and chairs)
  • Meeting/conference room (for small discussions, thesis defenses)
  • Seminar room (up to 12 people, flatscreen and projector)
  • Teaching Lab (up to 16 people; tables; ceramic whiteboard; smart lectern; flatscreen and projector; Internet connection; communication journal library)

Lab Calendars & Requests

To reserve research lab space, please e-mail: COMM-LABS@UCSB.EDU

To request door access for either Research Laboratory A (4015 SS&MS Bldg) or 24/7 Access to Exterior Doors for the Social Science & Media Studies Building, please submit your room requests at least 24 hours in advance using this form: Door Access Request Form

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