Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad provides Communication students a unique opportunity to pursue their academic interests in a global environment. You will be able to gain perspective and critical thinking skills not available to you without the exploration of another culture or another education system. You can learn or improve your skills in another language and not only broaden the range of subject matter available to you but also approach information and learning with the guidance of professors from another culture. You will gain opportunities to collaborate with students whose background and experience are decidedly different from your own, and learn new perspectives. Students who study abroad develop self-confidence and a much greater sense of independence and return with fresh eyes on their own culture and the world. In addition, students often find they have a competitive edge in the job market and are better prepared for careers with an international focus, and have an understanding of what it means to work in a multicultural, multinational corporation.

Study exciting subjects like "Media Design and Production" in Germany, "Journalism Law" in Australia, or "Television, Audiences, Cultural Identity, and Politics" in South Africa. Have the most memorable experience of your academic career, and get credit for it toward your Communication degree.