While we recommend the UC EAP program, there are many other study abroad programs available to students. Other programs are often just as affordable and have a much easier application process compared to EAP.

Registrar's Information for non-EAP Study Abroad

Students must follow the Registrar's Leave of Absence Instructions prior to their departure to ensure a smooth transition back to UCSB.

UCSB and Communication Credit for Non-EAP Programs

The only downside to studying abroad through a Non-EAP program is that UCSB advisors are unable to pre-approve courses ahead of time. Therefore, it is best to take GE courses or other courses that interest you while you are abroad. Some students may just need units, and in this case, you can sign up for whatever you wish. Studying abroad is about exploring a new country and getting to know the culture. Students are encouraged to enjoy their time abroad and not stress so much about school.

If you want Undergraduate Communication credit: You need to take the course for a letter grade. We cannot tell you if the course will count for Upper Division Comm credit until after the course transfer back to UCSB. This is because we cannot determine if the course will transfer as lower or upper division ahead of time, and it must transfer as upper division to be considered for Comm credit. If the course you take abroad does transfer as Upper Division units and if you do take it for a letter grade, you can bring the course syllabus to the Communication Advising Office for evaluation.

Popular Non-EAP Study Abroad Programs

CEA Global Education

International Studies Abroad (ISA)

Semester at Sea