UC EAP Pre-Approved Comm Major Courses

We are excited that you are planning to study abroad! Our department has put together a spreadsheet for students to use while planning out the courses they will take while studying abroad. Please read the entirety of this page before selecting courses.

Pre-approved UC EAP Comm Course Catalog Petitions for Degree Requirements


Important Disclaimers

  • Pre-approval by the Department of Communication does not guarantee that the course is Upper-Division. To determine the units or course level (LD or UD) for pre-approved courses please refer to the UC EAP Course Catalog.
  • Course evaluations may take up to 3 weeks, so please plan accordingly.

Receiving Major Credit

The spreadsheet includes courses that have been pre-approved by our faculty to count toward major credit or major elective credit.

  • Major credit: will count toward the 40 units of UD Comm coursework you need to fulfill.
  • Major elective credit: will be applied to the 40 units of UD Comm in the same way an approved course from another department at UCSB is applied toward the major. Please keep in mind that a maximum of 8 units of approved major elective credit can count for your Communication requirements. EAP courses approved for major elective credit will not be applied to your major if you have already applied 8 units of elective courses toward your 40 units of UD Comm requirements.

To receive major credit for your courses abroad:

  1. Pre-approved courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  2. Pre-approved courses taken abroad must transfer back to UCSB as upper-division (UD) level coursework.
  3. You must submit a Petition for Degree Requirements after your course appears on your UCSB Course History in GOLD for the course to apply to the Communication major requirements.

Navigating the Spreadsheet

Step 1: Select the country that you will be studying in from the tabs at the bottom.

Step 2: Search for the institution you plan to attend and find a course you are interested in.

Step 3: Double-check the course level and units in the EAP Course Catalog to determine if this is a course you would like to take abroad.

Carefully review the information for each course that you are interested in taking. Pay special attention to the columns “UCSB Communication Major Credit Type” and “Expiration Quarter.”

The “UCSB Communication Major Credit Type” will tell you if a course will count for major credit or major elective credit. In some cases, it may say “Review Pending” which means the course has been submitted for evaluation but we have not received a response from a faculty member. If you are not the student that submitted this petition please check back at a later time for a final decision.  

The “Expiration Quarter” will tell you whether the course is still eligible for credit or if it has expired. If a course has been approved in the past but has now expired, you can request for the class to be re-evaluated.

Submitting a Course for Evaluation

If you come across a course focused on Communication topics that you are interested in taking but has not been pre-approved or is now expired, you can submit the course to be evaluated by a faculty member. Send an email to comm-advising@ucsb.edu that includes the following information:

  • The country and institution you will attend
  • Title of the course and course number (if available)
  • A PDF of the course syllabus that includes the following:
    • Course description
    • Detailed weekly schedule
    • List of required texts
  • Your perm number

You will hear back from an advisor once the evaluation has been completed and the course will be updated on the spreadsheet.

Which courses count?

To ensure that your course has a higher chance of being approved, make sure that the course’s topics fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Technology/Digital Media
  • Media/ Media Effects/ Media+ Race & Ethnicity
  • Group Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Communication And Conflict
  • Communication and Law
  • Persuasion
  • Advertising and Marketing/ PR
  • Organizational Communication