Teaching Professor

Renee Houston studies organizing to address inequities centered on issues of gender, social class and race. Grounded in civic scholarship she is interested in giving voice to multiple perspectives from in situ communicative contexts with the potential for real change.


Renee Houston ( Ph.D., The Florida State University) is an engaged communication teacher/scholar focused on developing stigma-based approaches to understanding social identity inequities that inform psychological and communication theory as well as organizational policy and practice. She’s also interested in identifying and implementing organizational practices that support employee empowerment, collaboration, and healthy work lives. Because her work engages the community, she’s committed to social learning practices that decenter expertise and create space for open, respectful, and collaborative solutions. As a lifelong advocate of whole-person approaches, Renee’s courses focus on exploring emotion, work-life and well-being, alternative organizing, and social identities in organizational contexts. Using a social learning approach to teaching she seeks to bring voice, connection, and justice to her students that inspires them to seek their life's purpose with skills, confidence, and joy. She is also an experienced higher education administrator with an extensive background in mentoring, program development, and education technology. Most recently, she developed several programs designed to provide key experiences that help college students move toward career choices. Her work was recognized with an award from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.


Ph.D. (1996) The Florida State University, Communication Theory and Research

MA (1993) The Florida State University, Communication Theory and

BA (1991) University of California, Santa Barbara, Communication, Religious Studies