6-7 pm via Zoom


Sky;ar Sorkin AC Virtual Career Series

Skylar Sorkin is an Account Executive at Influential and Founder and Podcast Host "Regardless". LinkedIn Known by her audience as the go-to voice of her generation, Skylar fearlessly tackles the nitty-gritty of relationships, careers, and life's toughest questions with relevant guests. Driven by a relentless pursuit of growth, Skylar's podcast isn't just talk—it's a catalyst for change. With a mission to uncover the answers to overlooked questions, Skylar created "Regardless" as a platform for raw conversations and eye-opening advice, empowering her audience to cut through the noise, gain clarity on their goals, and step boldly into their potential. At 26, Skylar wears many hats: podcast host, Account Executive at Influential, and speaker. From Los Angeles to nationwide stages, she's making waves with her down-to-earth approach and unwavering passion for personal development. Skylar’s contagious enthusiasm for growth permeates not only in her podcast but also through her personal style and self-expression, inspiring others to fiercely be themselves.

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