Employers today are seeking candidates with a combination of academic preparation and workplace specific skills. Various skill sets including business negotiations, conflict resolution, and legal study are among the most valued among employers. Professional courses are paired with courses offered by the Department of Communication to create opportunities for the development of business management skills and the knowledge of the ethical, social, and legal issues confronted by businesses in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

This Professional Certificate Program Provides:

Exploration of the complexity and interrelationship of law to political, economic, and social issues, while developing analytical communication skills.

  • Opportunities to develop skills to construct, present, and critically analyze competing positions on burning issues in business ethics and policy as 21st-century leaders and managers.
  • Strategies for developing intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and ability to engage effectively national and global communities.

Intended Audience:  Students interested in adding an applied set of legal-related tools and knowledge of business interworkings to their academic study, so as to be more marketable for future career opportunities in an increasingly competitive job market. This program is particularly attractive to students interested in going to law school.

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