Before completing a Petition for Degree Requirements form, please make sure that the following items are complete: 

  1. The course you are petitioning appears in your Course History on Gold with the final grade (only courses taken for a letter grade will be accepted).
  2. You have confirmed with a Comm Advisor that your course is pre-approved to fulfill a pre-major or major requirement. You can confirm that EAP courses are pre-approved here.

If your course has not been pre-approved, please send an email to your Comm Advisors ( that includes the following information:

  • The institution you attended (include the country and city if EAP)
  • Title of the course and course number
  • A PDF of the course syllabus that includes the following:
    • Course description
    • Detailed weekly schedule
    • List of required texts
  • Your perm number


When submitting your Petition for Degree Requirements form, please keep the following in mind: 

  • You must be logged in to your UCSB Google account to submit the form
  • Do not submit multiple forms for the same petition
  • Processing may take up to 4 weeks

Petitioning a Pre-Major Requirement

If you are petitioning courses to fulfill a pre-major requirements, please keep in mind that only courses taken at UCSB (or a pre-approved UC equivalent) will count toward your pre-major GPA. If you wish to undo a petition you will need to speak with a Comm Advisor in person as soon as possible. Students who took a class P/NP toward the pre-major requirements prior to deciding to pursue the Comm major will need to submit a Grading Option Change petition.

Click here to submit a Pre-Major Petition for Degree Requirements form

Petitioning a Major Requirement

Students may petition an upper-division (UD) course taken at another institution (e.g. UC Online) or an EAP course to count toward the 40 units of UD COMM coursework requirement. Courses must be taken for a letter grade and must transfer back as UD to count toward your degree. Students who have declared degree candidacy will have expedited processing. 

UPDATE: Effective December 2023, elective courses listed on the Communication Major Sheet no longer require a petition to count toward your Communication Degree (The 8 unit limitation to these courses still applies). Students can verify that the courses have been added toward their degree by running a major progress check on Gold. Please do not submit a petition for these courses if they are already included in your major progress check. 

Click here to submit an UD/EAP Petition for Degree Requirements form


*Students will not receive an email notification that their petition has been processed. Please check Gold to view if your petition has been processed.*