Rene Weber

Media Neuroscience

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SSMS 4405


Media Neuroscience, Research Methods and Statistics


Rene's research program focuses on mass communication and new media technology phenomena as a product and determinant of complex cognitions. For example, his team is interested in questions like: What are the functions and effects of morality in mediated narratives? How is morality in mediated narratives related to cortical synchronization, trust, and collaboration among groups? What are the implications of coordinated media exposure on cognitions and group behavior? What are the differences between a virtual/simulated experience, a mediated/non-simulated experience, and a non-simulated/non-mediated experience? How does the human brain process flow experiences as a consequence of media exposure?

His  research group is developing and applying both traditional social scientific and neuroscientific methodology (e.g. functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging/fMRI) in order to study media effects on humans. Rene is the past chair of International Communication Association's Mass Communication Division, the current chair of ICA's Communication and Biology Interest Group, and he is the founder and director of UCSB's Media Neuroscience Lab.