A Window into Your Soul? Promise and Pitfalls of Automatic Facial Expression Analysis

Prof. Jonathan Gratch (https://people.ict.usc.edu/~gratch/) is a distinguished scholar trained in psychology and computer science, who studies the communication of emotion, that is, “on social emotions, emphasizing the role of contingent nonverbal behavior in the co-construction of emotional trajectories between interaction partners.” His rigorously theoretical research has been applied in the development of digital agents who garner rapport with human partners (among other settings), leading to persuasive and therapeutic results. He holds appointments in the University of Southern California’s departments of computer science, psychology, and media arts. He is Director of Virtual Human Research in the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, and the Director of the USC Affective Computing Groups. The editor-in-chief of the IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, his work has been supported by the NSF, DARPA, and others.

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