3:30pm to 5:00pm

Lambda Pi Eta Choice Scholar Lecture: Can AI mediate communication? Understanding AI in human-to-human interaction.

Professor Jeff Hancock, Harry and Norman Chandler Professor of Communication, & Founding Director, Stanford Social Media Lab, Stanford University

Computer-mediated-communication, in which machines transmitted messages between humans at our behest, is evolving into AI-mediated communication, in which machines now optimize those messages to achieve human goals. Many questions emerge when AI operates between humans in communication. How can we trust one another when it is not clear whether a machine or a human wrote a message? How do we judge others when AI is used to communicate on their behalf? Does the involvement of AI in human communication change the way that humans speak? Finally, what are the ethical and moral implications of using AI to communicate on our behalf? In this talk I’ll address each of these questions, reporting on several studies with my collaborators and lay out some theoretical roadmaps to guide our future thinking on understanding AI-mediate communication.

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