Professor Robin Nabi wins the Inaugural Mass Communication Division Innovation Award for Theory at the 2018 International Communication Association conference in Prague

Award Recipient: 

Robin Nabi

Award Date: 

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Mass Communication Division Innovation Award honors mass communication theory innovations in even numbered years and method innovations in odd numbered years. Innovation in theory development can manifest itself in many ways - the presentation of a new theory, the articulation of weaknesses of an existing theory and how a research effort addresses those weaknesses, approaching a mass communication phenomenon from a new explanatory principle that undergirds theory, or arguing for a paradigm shift. An innovation is often defined as something "new", but we all know that our theory and method advancements build on the work of others. Nevertheless, there are those instances when a particular work signals not just a step, but a leap forward that is worthy of being defined as an "innovation".

Congratulations, Robin!