Professor W. James Potter received two international honors recently

Award Recipient: 

W. James Potter

Award Date: 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

He was one of a dozen international scholars invited to make a featured presentation at the First Congress on Children and the Media in Turkey in Fall 2013. Sponsored by the Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey and the Radio & Television Supreme Council, the Congress brought together more than a thousand stakeholders to plan their Child and Media Movement, which is a major new initiative to change the curricula of public education, governmental regulations, and media production practices in order to help the next generation of children as they grow up in the new media environment. He has also been appointed as the McQuail Honorary Fellow in the Amsterdam School of Communication Research after an international jury selected his Journal of Communication (61(5), 896-915) article “Conceptualizing mass media effect” as the best article advancing communication theory published in an international journal in the past several years. He will travel to Amsterdam to deliver the McQuail Lecture in December, 2013.