C. Stohl, A. Abeyta, A. Merrill, A. Denes, C. Davis, S. Davis, M. Dragojevic, and DJ Woo honored at National Communication Association

Award Recipient: 

C. Stohl, A. Abeyta, A. Merrill, A. Denes, C. Davis, S. Davis, M. Dragojevic, DJ Woo

Award Date: 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Department of Communication faculty and graduate students received an impressive number of honors and awards at the National Communication Association Conference, Washington, D.C., November.

Professor Cynthia Stohl was voted as a NCA Distinguished Scholar.

Top Four Student Paper (across all student entries):
Audrey Abeyta. Why contribute when you can get the information for free: User motivations to contribute to Wikipedia.

Distinguished Article Award, Communication and Social Cognition Division:
Tamara Afifi, Walid Afifi, Anne Merrill, Amanda Denes, & Sharde Davis."You need to stop talking about this!": Verbal rumination and the costs of social support. Also, published in Human Communication Research, October, 2013.

Top Student Paper, Organizational Communication Division:
Courtney W. Davis. Organizational assimilation in non-profit organizations: What about the paid employees?

Top Four Competitive Student Paper, Mass Communication Division:
Marko Dragojevic. Accent representations in the media: Information processing and effects.

Top Four Paper, Experiential Learning in Communication Division:
DJ Woo, & S. Riforgiate. Connecting internship stage models to communication theory: Students’ organizational assimilation experiences during internship.