Dr. Giles Receives Outstanding Journal Article Award

Award Recipient: 

Dr. Howard Giles

Award Date: 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dr. Howie Giles, UCSB Department of Communication, and his co-authors E. B. Ryan, G. Bartolucci, and K. Henwood have received the 2011 Outstanding Journal Article Award, presented by the Communication and Aging Division of the National Communication Association for an article that has stood the test of time and became an area of research in communication and aging.  This award is presented for their 1986 article: Ryan, E. B., Giles, H., Bartolucci, G., & Henwood, K. "Psycholinguistic and Social Psychological Components of Communication by Older Adults," Language and Communication, 6, 1-22.  The judges commented:  "I doubt there is a scholar in the field of communication and aging today whose research has not been profoundly influenced by the Communication Predicament of Aging model presented in this article."