David R. Seibold, Distinguished Teaching Award, 2009-2010

Award Recipient: 

Dr. David Seibold

Award Date: 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dr. David Seibold received the 2009-2010 Distinguished Teaching Award from the UCSB Academic Senate.  Since his appointment in 1990, Dr. Seibold has taught several thousand majors … in some 90 classes across 20 years (and always with ESCI scores for Questions A and B in the 1.0-1.9 range); advised more than a dozen PhD Communication students (many of whom have gone on to distinguished research and teaching careers); aided them and many other of Communication graduate students to complete high-quality research that has been published in top venues and received awards and other recognition; and founded and sponsored an honorary society for our best undergraduates that is focused on increasing their interest in Communication scholarship.

He is an enthusiastic and dedicated professor who excels as an instructor, scholar, and mentor and his enthusiasm about the field is contagious.  Dr. Seibold has a unique professional and real-world experience to compliment his research and he shows students how to apply theory and research in their own professional lives and careers.