2008-09 Department Communication Awards

Award Recipient: 

Dan Linz, Linda Putnam, T. Afifi, A. Denes, A. Joseph, D. Aldeis

Award Date: 

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Members of the Department received numerous awards during the 2008-09 academic year.

  • Dan Linz: 2009 National Communication Association: Top Scholarship in Freedom of Expression. Paper Title: Erotic Dancing, Liquor, and Crime: An Empirical Critique of Virginia Statute Changes Restricting Liquor Service and Adult Entertainment.

Awards upcoming at the International Communication Association May 2009:

  • Linda Putnam: ICA Outstanding Article Award. Article published in 2008 that promises to be influential over time within a particular field of communication and also across fields. For Brummans, B. H. J. M., Putnam, L. L., Gray, B., Hanke, R., Lewicki, R. J., & Wiethoff, C. (2008). “Making Sense of Intractable Multiparty Conflict: A Study of Framing in Four Environmental Disputes.”  Communication Monographs, 75, 25-51.

Note: This is the third year in a row, and the fourth year out of the past five, that the award was won by a member of the department. (Cynthia Stohl and Michael Stohl 20089; Bruce Bimber, Andrew Flanagin and Cynthia Stohl, 2007; Linda Putnam, 2005). Cynthia Stohl and Linda Putnam are the only scholars to have won the award twice.

  • Afifi, T., Granger, D., Denes, A., Joseph, A., Aldeis, D. (2009). Parents’ and children’s cortisol and ?-amylase reactance to inappropriate disclosures and interparental conflict. Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, May 2009, Chicago, IL.

Note: Top Applied Paper in the Interpersonal Communication Division
Note: Top Four Paper in the Interpersonal Communication Division Awards from UCSB

  • Anna Laura Jansma. 2009 Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award for Non Senate Faculty
  • Tamara Afifi. 2009 Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award

Other Awards

  • Michael Stohl. University of Canterbury, Canterbury, New Zealand, Erskine Fellowship. July-August 2009.
  • Lieberman, D.A. (October 2008). Impacts of Narrative, Nurturing, and Game-Play on Health Related Outcomes in an Action-Adventure Health Game. Paper presented at the Meaningful Play conference, East Lansing, MI. (Top paper award.)
  • Ronald E.Rice is a co-recipient of The Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television, and New Media at UC Santa Barbara Digital Media Innovation grant awarded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.