Competitive Grants Received

Award Recipient: 

Prof. Linda Putnam, Prof. Michael Stohl

Award Date: 

Friday, October 9, 2009

Two department of Communication faculty received grants from the Marsden Fund of New Zealand in the Marsden Fund yearly competitive grants program announced October 7, 2009.

Professor Linda Putnam collaborated with Dr. Alison Henderson of the University of Waikato in Hamilton New Zealand on a three year, NZ$300,000 grant "What counts as healthy food? balancing organizational tensions between private and public agendas."

Professor Michael Stohl collaborated with Professor Juliet Roper University of Waikato , Professor Eva Collins, University of Waikato, Professor George Cheney, University of Utah on a three year NZ$753,000 grant "Sustainability at the cross roads: examining the vulnerability of New Zealand's global environmental positioning."

The Department of Communication and the University of Waikato, Management Communication Department have a flourishing collaborative relationship. Professor Cynthia Stohl of the Department of Communication and Professor Shiv Ganesh of the Waikato Management Communication Department received a 2006 Marsden Award. In addition two other research collaborations are underway.

The Marsden Fund of the Royal Society of New Zealand funds fundamental scientific research and operates under terms established by the Minister of Research, Science and Technology of the government of New Zealand.