Dorothy I. Mullin Receives Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award 2007-2008

Award Recipient: 

Dr. Dorothy Mullin

Award Date: 

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dr. Dorothy Mullin has been a continuing lecturer with the Department of Communication since 1988. She teaches many of the department’s large, lower division courses as well as upper division classes.

Her student evaluation scores are described as consistently "extraordinary". In addition to her "mesmerizing" classroom teaching, Dr. Mullin is also noted for fusing her passion for teaching with her service to the department through advising, curriculum development, independent studies classes, and mentoring of graduate students.

Dr. Mullin is praised for her "joyful spirit", "personable demeanor", and "positive and uplifting attitude". Furthermore, she possesses "the invaluable gift to encourage and instill passion in those around her", and is "a leader who is willing to pave better paths for the love of teaching". Put simply, her "passion to teach is contagious".