Andrew Flanagin and Miriam Metzger Awarded MacArthur Foundation Research Grant on Credibility and Digital Media

Award Recipient: 

Andrew Flanagin, Miriam Metzger

Award Date: 

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Communication professors Miriam Metzger and Andrew Flanagin were awarded a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to explore people’s understandings of credibility across the wide range of digital information resources available today. The working hypothesis of the project is that digital technologies have dramatically increased the burden on individuals to effectively seek, readily locate, and accurately assess the quality of information in their daily lives, for two reasons: (1) the availability of information has increased exponentially in recent decades due to networked digital technologies such as the Internet and the Web and, (2) the proliferation of information sources has made traditional notions of who is an information authority increasingly dynamic and problematic. The research project will generate detailed interview, usage, and survey data, resulting in the most comprehensive knowledge set yet available about how individuals seek, find, and use credible information today. This work extends Drs. Flanagin and Metzger’s ongoing research on digital media and credibility spanning the last decade. The most recent work in this research program is an edited volume titled Digital Media, Youth, and Credibility, due to appear in late 2007. Details on their research program on credibility can be found at

Dr. Metzger
Dr. Flanagin