Sep 7, 2021

Samantha Powers (UCSB Comm Ph.D.) and Karen Myers (Comm Professor) won one of two MCQ 2020 Article of the Year Awards, for “Work-Related Emotional Communication Model of Burnout: An Analysis of Emotions for Hire”, Management Communication Quarterly, 34(2), 155-187.

Here’s the abstract: This study proposes the Work-Related Emotional Communication model of burnout to explicate the relationships between processes of emotional work and emotional labor leading to burnout. The model was validated drawing on survey data from 2,067 practicing attorneys. Our analyses found emotional contagion to have a stronger positive influence on burnout through its direct effect on exhaustion than through its indirect effect on communicative responsiveness. Sensitivity to the Expressive Behavior of Others was a prominent influence on empathic communication. Inefficacy partially mediated the positive effects of exhaustion on cynicism. Surface acting did not contribute to inefficacy but had positive effects on exhaustion and cynicism. Deep acting had no apparent effect on burnout, whereas automatic regulation negatively influenced burnout. We conclude with theoretical and practical implications for future research and offer suggestions for management to work toward the reduction of worker burnout.