Ronald Rice is a member of the Steering Group of a $400K UK project on "Ways of Being in a Digital Age"

Ronald Rice is a member of the Steering Group of a 8-month project headed by the Institute of Cultural Capital at Liverpool (in collaboration with 17 other partner universities and organizations form the UK, EU, USA and Singapore) developing a scoping scoping review on "Ways of Being in a Digital Age." The UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) if providing $400K funding with another $105K for two workshops. The review focuses on seven domains: Citizenship and politics, Communities and identities, Communication and relationships, Health and wellbeing, Economy and sustainability, Data and representation, and Governance and security. 

Analysis for each domain will include a Delphi panel review of international experts' opinions on the state of the art; s 'concept mapping' of identified literature using digital humanities tools; s systematic review of a sample of the literature; engagement events with non-academic stakeholders from the public and private sectors; and an assessment of the theory and methods applied in each domain.