Internship Credit: Comm 197

Comm 197 provides an opportunity for declared Pre-Communication and Communication majors to obtain credit for career-related experience and application of academic training in a communication-related internship. 

Please read the following prerequisites and course enrollment information carefully and contact the Comm Department Internship Coordinator or Undergraduate Advising Office with any questions.

Course Details

  • This course is worth 1 unit of P/NP credit. This does NOT count toward the UD Comm major.
  • This course can be taken up to 5 times, allowing for students to complete multiple internships.


  • Student must be declared as a Pre-Comm or Comm major.
  • Student must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Student must secure a minimum of 50 hours of internship work to be completed over the course of the quarter prior to receiving instructor approval.

Course Requirements

  1. Student must submit completed Internship contract (via the Docusign form linked below) detailing the nature of the work they will be responsible for, complete with their supervisor’s signature.
  2. Student must complete 50 hours of internship work over the course of the quarter in which they are enrolled in COMM 197.
  3. Student must submit final five-page paper to Gauchospace by last day of the quarter (Friday of finals week). Around Week 3, the submission link will be available in the course Gauchospace site, and submission instructions will be sent by the internship coordinator.
  4. The Internship Supervisor must complete and submit the COMM 197 Supervisor Verification and Evaluation Form via Google Form by last day of instruction. Please email Professor Young Ji Kim ( if you have any questions.

Enrollment Information

  1. Thoroughly read the COMM 197 Final Paper Guidelines, listed below.
  2. Secure 50 hour internship and complete Internship Contract with your supervisor.
  3. Submit Internship Contract via DocuSign by 4PM on 2nd Wednesday of quarter.
  4. You will automatically receive a copy after all parties have signed.
  5. Enroll in GOLD via approval code issued by Internship Coordinator listed at the bottom of the returned contract form.

Important Documents

COMM 197 Internship Contract [Docusign]

COMM 197 Final Paper Guidelines [downloaded .pdf]

COMM 197 Supervisor Verification and Evaluation Form [Google form]