Graduate Student

America's research agenda centers around (1) applying elements of strategic communication (such as how to effectively mitigate risks and navigate crises) within family dynamics (e.g., how to equip parents with the tools/information to ensure their children never have access to unlocked firearms) and (2) how family members use technology to maintain relationships with each other.


America L. Edwards is currently finishing her dissertation, under Dr. Tammy Afifi, which examines the relationship between chronic stress (cortisol), technology, and relationship maintenance between mothers and their daughters while they are away at college and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic on their own. She intends to finish her dissertation by December 2023 as she's accepted a post-doc at Michigan State University and is on the tenure-track job market for the 2024-2025 academic year. 


B.A. (2018), Western Michigan University, Communication Studies

M.A. (2020), University of Central Florida, Communication

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