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  • Continuing Lecturer
  • Criminology
  • Sociology & Communication

Social Psychology (small groups), Criminology, Sociology of Law, Social Networks, Video Games

  • SSMS 3312 or ZOOM
  • Department Chair and Professor
  • Interpersonal Health Communication

Interpersonal Communication, Family Communication, Stress and Communication; Biosocial Markers of Stress, Resilience and Thriving; Information Regulation

  • Professor
  • Interpersonal Health Communication
  • Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Interpersonal Communication, Uncertainty and Information Management, Nonverbal Communication, Relational Communication, Communities Experiencing Trauma

  • 805-893-4520
  • SSMS 4129
A photo of Norah Dunbar
  • Professor
  • Interpersonal Communication

Deceptive Communication, Credibility Assessment, Deception Detection, Power and Dominance In Interpersonal Interaction, Computer-Mediated Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Observational and Experimental Research Methods

  • 805-893-4860
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  • Professor
  • Communication & Information Technologies

Communication and Information Technologies; Social Influence Online; Social Media; Information Sharing and Evaluation; Collective Action

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  • 805-893-7892
  • SSMS 4311
  • Professor
  • Organizational Comm. & Technologies

Organizational Communication, Global and Distributed Teams, New Media Affordances, Social Media and Knowledge Sharing, Social Support in Online Communities, New Media and Distraction, Intercultural Communication

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  • 805-893-5430
  • SSMS 4139
Howie Giles
  • Distinguished Research Professor
  • Intergroup Communication

Intergenerational Communication, Aging and Communication Cross-Culturally, Successful Aging, Police-Civilian Interactions, Community-Oriented Policing, Intergroup Communication, Communication Accommodation, Ethnolinguistics, Language Attitudes

  • (805) 967-9626
  • SSMS 4123
  • Associate Professor
  • Communication & Information Technologies

Digital inequality, Digital & social media, Identity, Mobile communication, Policy, Social justice, Social support

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Kristy Hamilton
  • Assistant Professor
  • Digital Media

human memory and cognition in digital environments

  • Adjunct Professor
  • Media

Ethics of Media, Media Economics, Media Awards such as The Emmy in Television, Economic Theories to Support Further Funding of Public Television in the United States

  • 4413 Social Sciences & Media Studies Building
  • Department Vice-Chair and Professor
  • Interpersonal-Health-Culture Communication

Stress, Coping, and Resilience of Immigrant Youth; Culturally-Grounded Interpersonal Health Communication

  • Assistant Professor
  • Organizational Communication

group collaboration; collective intelligence; the social and organizational implications of technologies, with particular emphasis on online credibility, computer-supported cooperative work, and crowdsourcing

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  • 805-893-4196
  • 4131 SS & MS
  • Assistant Professor
  • Political Communication & Intergroup Communication

Political Communication, Intergroup Communication, Media Psychology, Computer-Mediated Communication, Media Effects

  • Professor
  • Media Effects-Race & Law

Communication and Law, Race, Media Effects, Social Psychology

  • 805-893-5046
  • SSMS 4009
  • Professor
  • Media Psychology & Intergroup Comm

Media Psychology; Media Effects on Stereotyping, Identity, & Race/Ethnicity; Intergroup Communication; Content Analysis

  • (805) 893-5346
  • SSMS 4413
  • mastro [at]
  • Lecturer
  • Comm & Info Technologies

Human Information Behavior around Social Media, Social Networks, Information System Design, People as Sources of Data

  • 805-893-4882 (I don't check messages here)
  • SSMS 4409
  • Associate Professor
  • Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication, Relational Maintenance, and Conflict Management

  • Professor
  • Comm & Info Technologies

Social Uses and Effects of Communication Technology; Privacy; Credibility of Digital Information 

  • Continuing Lecturer
  • Media

Media Law and Policy, Media Entertainment, Mass Media and Society

  • 805-893-5007
  • SSMS 4115
  • Senior Continuing Lecturer

Introduction to communication, quantitative research methods, media and law

  • 805-893-2750
  • SSMS 4117
  • Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
  • Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication, Organizational Socialization/Assimilation, Vocational Anticipatory Socialization, Organizational Identification, Intergenerational Communication in the Workplace, Organizational Knowledge, Workplace Relationships, Workplace Emotions, Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

  • 805-893-3278
  • SSMS 4141
  • Professor
  • Media Effects & Health Communication

Persuasion, Emotion, Mass Media Effects, Health Communication

  • 805-893-4531
  • SSMS 4137
  • Professor
  • Media

Media Processes, Media Effects and Literacy, Media Theory and Methods

  • 805-893-5355
  • SSMS 4135
  • Distinguished Research Professor Emerita

Organizational Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Labor Unions, Discourse and Organizations, Gender Studies in Organizations

  • Professor
  • Social & Evolutionary Psychology

Social and Evolutionary Psychology of Communication Within and Between Groups, Research Methods

  • 805-893-7847
  • SSMS 4411
  • Professor
  • Organizational & Environmental & New Media

Communication Networks, Diffusion of Innovations, Environmental Communication, Organizational Communication, Public Communication Campaigns, Social uses and effects of New Media

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  • 805-893-8696
  • SSMS 4127
Muniba Saleem
  • Associate Professor
  • Media Psychology
  • Intergroup Communication
  • Diversity

Media influences on interpersonal and intergroup relations between racial, ethnic, and religious groups. Media effects on social identities. Media effects on immigration integration and acculturation.

  • Professor
  • Organizational Communication

Group Communication, Organizational Communication, Globalization and International Organizations, Networks, Collective Action

  • 805-893-7918
  • SSMS 4121
  • Professor
  • Organizational & Political Communication

Globalization,  Organizations, and Political Communication with Special Reference to Terrorism and Human Rights

  • 805-893-7935
  • SSMS 4125
  • Mark and Susan Bertelsen Presidential Chair in Technology and Society
  • Director of the Center for Information Technology & Society

Computer-mediated communication, social media, interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, educational relations

  • 805-893-3941
  • 4007 SS&SM Building
  • Professor
  • Media Neuroscience & Computational Communication Science

Media Neuroscience, Media-Multitasking and Attention Disorders, Moral Judgment and Conflict in Narratives, Media Violence and Aggression, Persuasion Neuroscience, Cognitive Control and Flow Experiences, Research Methods and Statistics, Computational Communication Science