Graduate Student

Abdullah Salehuddin studies how relational qualities shaped by experiences from relationship history affect stressor management and well-being. His current research examines the impact of parental favoritism and unresolved hurt on communal coping and caregiving.


Abdullah is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), as well as an Adjunct Professor at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC). Abdullah's research investigates various relational and communicative processes, including stressor management, apology and forgiveness, and relationship history. In the past, his research has focused on how pre-existing relational qualities, such as marital unity or burnout, influence well-being and navigation of stressful times. Currently, his research explores the impact of childhood factors, such as parental favoritism, unresolved hurt, and family environment, on caregiving with siblings for aging parents. Abdullah's research can be found in publishing outlets, including Journal of Communication, Communication Research, and Oxford University Press. At UCSB and SBCC, he also teaches courses like introduction to communication, relational communication, public speaking, and argumentation and debate.


M.A. (2020), California State University, Long Beach (e.g., Interpersonal Communication)

B.A. (2018), University of California, Berkeley (e.g., Rhetoric)