Awards for Students, Faculty and the Department

Students, faculty and the Department have won many University, association, conference, academic, national and international awards. They also have participated in a wide range of fellowships, keynote presentations, and association offices. Especially noteworthy for the Communication discipline is the high number of our Presidents and Fellows of the International Communication Association, and of the National Communication Association. Faculty also obtain grants from national and international funding agencies for their research.


March 2, 2023
Jasmine Gao and Chris Otmar
July 3, 2022
Ken Fujiwara, Christopher D. Otmar, Norah E. Dunbar, Mohemmad Hansia
July 2, 2022
Jesse King, Jennifer Kam, Monica Cornejo, Roselia Mendez Murillo
July 2, 2022
Abdullah Salehuddin, Jesse King, Tammy Afifi
July 2, 2022
Andy Merolla, Chris Otmar, Abdullah Salehuddin
June 8, 2022
Nitzan Navick
May 24, 2022
Linda Putnam