Lambda Pi Eta Lecture Series

The Choice Scholar Lecture is given annually by one of the most distinguished scholars in the field of communication—an individual who has not only contributed a great deal of scholarly literature, but whose work has greatly impacted society by bridging communication theory and research to practice. The Lambda Pi Eta members select, invite, and host the annual presenter, as well as organize the reception following the Lecture. Lambda Pi Eta is the Department of Communication's Chapter of the National Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society.

The past LPE presenters are


Ellen A. Wartella: "Infants, Toddlers, and Screen Media"


Judee Burgoon: "Lie to Me: What We Really Know about Deception and Its Detection"


Charles Atkin: "Strategic Media Campaigns to Stop College Alcohol Problems"


Scott Poole: "A Continguency Theory of Organizational Response to Paradoxical Requirements"


Michael Roloff: "People Are Annoying, They Are Difficult to Change, and It Does Matter: Why Arguing Is Often Futile"


Steve Wilson: "Complex Family Conversations: How do Family Members Talk with Returning U.S. Military Service Members about Seeking Mental Healthcare?"


Janet Fulk: "Social Media and Collective Expertise in Organizations"


Noshir Contractor: "Leveraging Computational Social Science to address Grand Societal Challenges"