Internships & Jobs

Offering Internships & Job Opportunities

Join our free UCSB Department of Communication group on LinkedIn and post your employment or internship position on our “Discussions” section.  Simply type a header in the window next to your name, add a few details in the window below it, and add a link to your website to share a complete job description. 

For more information, see Advice for using the student-alumni UCSB Department of Communication group on LinkedIn.

Also look through the Department of Communication and UCSB Internship information and Career and Job information.

You can also search for employment or internship opportunities through UCSB Career Services, using Handshake. For more information, visit UCSB Career Services and the Get Experience: Internships & Beyond page.

Communication Alumni Council Intern

From time to time, the Alumni Council seeks an intern, often for multiple quarters. to help with publicity, content creation, videotaping and editing, etc.  Please check back here for AC internship opportunities.