Spencer Nicholls

Graduate Student

Office Location

SSMS 4419


New Media Technologies/Digital Media, Social/Group Identity, Media Effects


Spencer Nicholls is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication at UC Santa Barbara. He received his BA in Communication with a minor in Marketing from the University of Arizona in 2012, and MA in Communication from UCSB in 2016. His research areas of interest are broadly situated around the use of new media technologies and identity—particularly social or group identities. Specifically, he takes a theoretical approach to understanding the interplay between group and personal identity online, and how those identities affect communicative processes such as accommodation, message processing, and online interaction.


COMM 1, COMM 87, COMM 88, COMM 89, COMM 111, COMM 115, COMM 121, COMM 139, COMM 169, WRIT 2