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  • Lecturer

Social Psychology (small groups), Criminology, Sociology of Law, Social Networks, Video Games

  • Professor
  • Professor
  • Lecturer

Interpersonal and Relational Communication, Family Communication

  • Professor
  • Chair of the Department of Communication

Deceptive Communication, Credibility Assessment, Deception Detection, Power and Dominance In Interpersonal Interaction, Computer-Mediated Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Observational and Experimental Research Methods

  • Professor

Communication and Information Technologies, Information Sharing and Evaluation, Collective Action Efforts

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  • 805-893-7892
  • SSMS 4131
  • Professor
  • Director of Graduate Studies

Intergenerational Communication, Aging and Communication Cross-Culturally, Successful Aging, Police-Civilian Interactions, Community-Oriented Policing, Intergroup Communication, Communication Accommodation, Ethnolinguistics, Language Attitudes

  • 805-893-2055
  • SSMS 4123
  • Adjunct Professor

Ethics of Media, Media Economics, Media Awards such as The Emmy in Television, Economic Theories to Support Further Funding of Public Television in the United States

  • 4413 Social Sciences & Media Studies Building
  • Continuing Lecturer

Theory, Conflict Management, Gender, Internship Experience, Intentional Communities, Peace

  • 805-893-4429
  • SSMS 4111
Jennifer Kam
  • Assistant Professor

Culturally-grounded Interpersonal Health Communication; Stress-Coping-Resilience for Underserved Populations; Parent and Peer Communication about Substance Use; Adolescent Substance-use Prevention

  • SSMS 4407