C9. Dordick, H. & Rice, R.E. (1985). Transmission systems. In C. Meadow & A. Tedesco (Eds.), Telecommunications for management (pp. 55-90). NY: McGraw-Hill.

This chapter discusses transmission systems. We will emphasize electromagnetic, typically point-to-point, and instantaneous communications. Thus we will not consider mass media such as books and newspapers or radio and television in the popular sense. It is often difficult to separate the "system" from the media used because in modern transmissions the arriving content often travels through many channels at many rates, which can differ each time the message is transmitted and retransmitted
.  First we will consider several of the basic terms of transmission including noise, bandwidth, frequency, and analog and digital transmission. This discussion is followed by an explanation of modulation and multiplexing techniques for both digital and analog transmission. After an overview of networks and switching techniques, we will briefly introduce the major transmission systems. Finally, we will compare various attributes of these systems.

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