C69. Atkin, C. K. & Rice, R. E. (2013). Advances in public communication campaigns. In E. Scharrer (Ed.), The international encyclopedia of media studies: Vol. 5: Media effects/Media psychology (pp. 526-551). London, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

This chapter presents an overview of the recent literature on the persuasive effects of public communication campaigns. The scope of the review is substantial, ranging from traditional media to new technologies and from U.S. settings to developing countries. The campaign topics primarily deal with health promotion, along with prosocial behavior and environmental reforms. The chapter examines key theoretical concepts, processes, and strategic guidelines, including campaign design, evaluation (formative, process and summative), types of effects (direct and indirect), messages (prevention vs. promotion vs. informational vs. persuasive, and appeals), message sources, mediated communication, and quantitative dissemination factors.  The chapter then illustrates these guidelines with three campaign foci: drug use, smoking, and risky drinking.

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