C68. Atkin, C. K. & Rice, R. E. (2013). Strategies and principles for using mass and online/digital media in health communication campaigns. In D. K. Kim, A. Singhal, & G. Kreps (Eds.), Health communication: Strategies for developing global health programs (pp. 13-36). NY: Peter Lang.

Public communication health campaigns have made significant progress in addressing problems such as smoking, drunk driving, AIDS, drug use, heart disease, and unprotected vehicle occupants, primarily due to sustained high-quantity message dissemination, audience receptivity to the advocated action, and the compelling persuasive incentives, promotion of informal interpersonal influences, and policy initiatives (including deterrence) to supplement direct effects. This chapter presents strategic phases and components of the use of mass, online, and mobile media in health communication campaigns, focusing on campaign design frameworks, formative evaluation, types of effects, types of messages, message content and style, media channels, quantitative dissemination factors, and summative evaluation.  It also references a wide array of resources and case studies.

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