C66. Rice, R. E., Meisner, M., Depoe, S., Opel, A., Roser-Renouf, C., & Shome, D. (2012). Environmental communication and media: Centers, programs and resources. In S. Jones (Ed.), Communication @ the center (pp. 137-155).  NY: Hampton Press.

There are many varieties of environmental media and communication, such as science content in school, environmental activism and advocacy, corporate greenwashing, portrayals in commercial media, political and policy pressures, full-scale public communication campaigns, academic and popular publications, new educational programs and centers, and online websites, videos, and resources. Our panel at the 2011 ICA conference discussed several central aspects of communication and media in environmental research and practice: the role of media, the current state of environmental attitudes and knowledge, various forms of environmental communication, and the recent rise in academic interest in environmental communication and media. 

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