C55. Simard, C. & Rice, R.E. (2007). The practice gap: Barriers to the diffusion of best practices.  In C.R. McInerney & R.E. Day (Eds.). Re-thinking knowledge management: From knowledge objects to knowledge processes (pp. 87-124). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer-Verlag.  For information on the book, see: http://www.springer.com:80/west/home/generic/search/results?SGWID=4-40109-22-173723443-0.

Based on a review of selected literature, this chapter identifies and explains three categories of potential barriers to the intra-organizational transfer of best practices. The first category is the organizational context, including institutional and organizational environment, absorptive capacity, competency traps, identity, culture, and size. The second category is related to the diffusion process itself: stages of diffusion, attributes of the innovation, the recipient, and the knowledge to be transferred, and the state of relationship between the source of knowledge and the receiving unit. The third category includes management-related barriers, such as the level of managerial commitment and the appropriateness of training and reward systems. Common strategies for facilitating best practice transfer are reviewed and research propositions are derived.

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