C54. Rice, R. E. (2007). Central concepts in media ownership research and regulation. In R.E. Rice (Ed.) Media ownership: Research and regulation (pp. ). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Trends and developments in social values, political ideologies, media policies, economic conditions, globalization, media technologies, and telecommunications networks, have all interacted to generate significant changes in the nature of media industries, production, content, distribution, exhibition, and use. This book considers a wide variety of perspectives on one of those developments: changes in and consequences of media ownership, concentration, and conglomeration. This chapter highlights some of the central concepts in this debate, and some of the major perspectives and arguments of the contributors to this book.

Introduction; Motivation and Context; Media Ownership Limits; Concerns: Concentration, Impacts, and Influence; The Market Model and the Public Sphere Model; Conclusion; References.

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