C52. Katz, J., Rice, R.E. & Acord, S. (2006). Uses of internet and mobile technology in health systems: Organizational and sociocultural issues in a comparative context. In M. Castells & G. Cardoso (Eds.), The network society: From knowledge to policy. Washington: Brookings Institution Press. Translated in: Utilizações da Internet e da tecnologia móvel nos sistemas de saúde: Temas organizacionais e sócio-culturais num contexto comparativo. In M. Castells & G. Cardoso (Eds.) (2005).  A sociedade em rede. Do conhecimento à acção política (pp. 175-195). Lisbon: INCM (Imprensa Nacional/Casa da Moeda).

The Internet provides an opportunity to the public and healthcare professionals to access medical and health information, improve the efficiency and effective, timely healthcare. The rise of mobile systems and the widespread adoption of the cell phone mean that mobile applications are an exciting and rapidly expanding domain for such applications. Many new offerings are being developed through digital appliances, computer terminals and mobile devices. Yet important empirical questions remain to be answered at every level about how effective these systems are, how people in various socio-demographic sectors actually use these systems, what their different effects are on those sectors, and whether their expense justifies the efforts involved. Important too are issues of how quickly and in what format they should be created, who should bear the costs of development and dissemination, how to ensure their dependability and sustainability, and what their immediate and longer term social implications might be. In this chapter, we focus on delineating some recent developments in the use of the Internet and related technologies for healthcare. The emphasis is on the situation in the US, though we draw on other countries, especially Portugal and its relation to the European Union, as well for comparative and descriptive purposes. We try to highlight the macro social issues that could be of interest to policy-makers and suggest possibilities that could merit consideration by system designers or healthcare service professionals.

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