C38 Rice, R.E. & Katz, J.E. (2003). Digital divides of the Internet and mobile phone: Structural determinants of the social context of communication technologies.  In J.E. Katz (Ed.), Machines that become us: The social context of personal information technology (pp. 91-104). New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.

Recent research on the digital divide is almost entirely devoted to the Internet.   And, while results are fairly consistent on some topics (such as gaps between users and nonusers associated with education, income, age, gender and race), there are contradictions in other areas, and trends are changing rapidly (with differences based on race and gender largely disappearing).  The paper summarizes recent research on the extent and distinctions of the Internet (and some cellphone) digital divide.  The overall paper analyzes differences in kinds of digital divides for both the Internet and the cellphone, and similarities and differences between the Internet and cellphone user categories.

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