C35. Rice, R.E. (2001).  The Internet and health communication: A framework of experiences.  In R.E. Rice & J.E. Katz (Eds.), The Internet and health communication: Expectations and experiences (pp. 5-46). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Health issues, especially research on health communication and health-related public communication campaigns, are becoming increasingly important for the public agenda. The same is true of new communication technologies, especially the Internet.  The intersection of these two highly significant social trends is creating a rich, consequential, and challenging domain for users, health providers, researchers and policy-makers.   This chapter reviews trends and issues in several areas:

    Coverage and Usage of Web Sites, Mailing Lists, Communities, and Newsgroups
Coverage of Internet and Health Communication in Recent Publications
General Usage
Web Sites
Mailing Lists
Specialized Health Web Sites
    Precursors to Internet Health Systems: Medical Computing, Health Care Industry, CHINs, and other Mediated Health Information Systems
Recent Developments in Medical Computing
The Health Care Industry
Community Health Information Networks (CHINs)
Other Mediated Health Information Systems
    Major Communication Issues
Patient-Physician Communication
Physician-Physician Communication
Patient-Patient Support Communication
Interactive Media and Communication Campaigns
    Major Industry and Policy Issues
Online Medicine
Credibility of Online Health Information
Privacy and Liability
Policy and Access

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