C26. Rice, R.E. (1999).  Multiple theories, issues, data and methods for understanding the implementation of an information system.  In H. Bouwman (Ed.), Trends in communication, vol. 5  (pp. 39-51).  The Netherlands: Boom Publishers.  ISBN 9053534770

This article briefly describes several aspects of an ongoing, longitudinal study of the implementation of two related information systems within an organization which is active in the field of systems design and customer service. First, the range of conceptual issues involved in such a study will be identified, and then the diverse sources of data collected will be considered. Several specific sub-studies are then summarized, including the ways in which measures are used to support or constrain organizational learning, how people develop informal help networks as the new systems are implemented, and how users' desktops apply different mixes of material-based versus computer-based information over time.

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