C18. Rice, R.E. (1992). The study of computers as communication media: A course overview. In L. Lederman (Ed.), Communication pedagogy (pp. 303-322). Norwood, NJ: Ablex.

Computers as Communication Media
is designed for senior communication majors and/or Master’s students. It focuses on how computers and networks can be involved in the creation, control, content, flow and interpretation of communication processes. The course emphasizes research and evaluations of computing applications for communications, including electronic mail, voice services, computer conferencing, online information databases, videotex and teletext, office automation, text processing, hypertext, and optical media. Main theoretical themes include: the convergence between computers and transmission networks, information society and economics, objective and perceived characteristics of media convergence of communication across media forms and content, implications of the reprocessibility of (possibly multimedia) documents, and organizational theories about adoption, use, and outcomes of computer-mediated communication. 
This chapter may help those intending to teach such a course, or development their own course on computer-mediated communication, by providing:

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