A97. Stephens, K., Sørnes, J. O., Rice, R. E., & Browning, L. (2008). Discrete, sequential, and follow-up use of information and communication technology by advanced ICT users.  Management Communication Quarterly, 22(2), 197-231.

Most prior media use research has assumed that people use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) independently of other ICTs, that is, as discrete media. This study used cross-organizational in-depth interview data to uncover the important role that ICT sequences play in persuasion, information exchange, and documentation, whenpreparing for meetings, working independently, and following-up to persuade. When people need to follow-up initial communication episodes, the overall groupings of ICTs represent two underlying attributes: degree of connection with others and extent of synchroneity. These findings support an expanded perspective on Media Richness Theory and Information Theory by illustrating that ICT sequences can expand cues and channels, and provide error-reducing redundancy for equivocal and uncertain tasks. 

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