A96. Rice, R.E. (2009). Social and technological interdependencies of new media. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 14(3), 714-719.

Describes in painful detail a series of interconnected attempts at using various new media in order to accomplish a simple task of printing a digital phots. There are many issues here involving traditional and new media (bulletin boards, photos, computers, interfaces, storage media) and organizational communication (emotional labor, task design, interaction procssses, expectation management), and intersections between the two (managing conflicting tasks, responsibility for without training about technologies and services, feedback among technology, service providers, and customers), unusual routines (such as errors and dysfunctions that are part of some system and activated by someone doing exactly what the system says to do, so that they must be repeating, but no one seems to notice, much less fix) (Rice, 2008), and innovation diffusion (perceptions of innovation attributes such as compatibility or trialability, understanding of potential adopter needs, technology clusters).

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