A89. Bieber, M., McFall, B., Rice, R.E. & Gurstein, M. (2007). Towards systems design for supporting enabling communities.  Journal of Community Informatics, 3(1).  http://ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej/article/view/281/313  

Enabling Communities” enable participants to work effectively towards conducting both collective and individual activities and towards achieving collaboratively identified goals. Our focus is on designing the “systems” that support community members in undertaking the tasks or activities they need or want to do. These systems include processes, technology, information and people. We provide a framework for Supporting Enabling Communities (SEComm) with two major components: (1) Participant Support Systems (PaSS) and (2) Community Participation Levels (CPaL). The proposed framework provides an initial model for thinking about community support for interactions, goals and purposes, at all levels of an Enabling Community. It provides new insight by helping community and ICT designers to focus on people’s tasks, and to understand the environmental influences and constraints that hinder or facilitate support for enabling community participants.

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